About Dyberg Larsen


Our design philosophy is to create products with a clear Scandinavian expression. Simple, easy to understand, beautiful, pure and hopefully with an “edge” to make it different.

With every Dyberg Larsen light we have created a product with a WOW factor, whether it be the expression of the lamp, the function, material, use or the method of production.
The founder Thomas Dyberg Larsen has since 2011 designed and produced lights in our own factory in Nørre Aaby, Denmark, in cooperation with the designer Frank Kerdil. The lamps were a part of the agency Dyberg-Larsen for the first 5 years, but in 2016 Dyberg Larsen became an independent company with design and production of lights.

Today our lights are sold in Denmark and other European countries and we are focusing on further growth in the export market.

The first light, Magazine from Dyberg Larsen, was shown on the Formland fair in autumn 2011. After only 2 months the first light in the PineApple range with white PP shades were introduced and this is the light which really started the adventure and formed the basis of the many lights to follow in the range.

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