Important information about Opal Glass

That's how our screens are made

All Opal glass screens are handmade, they are blown into a mold and the lampshade is shaped with this tool.

In this process, we cannot guarantee that there is equal volume of glass distributed evenly throughout the lamp shade.

Of course, we are aware of this uniformity in the further production process. But this process makes the glasses not 100% identical. Each screen is carefully scrutinized by several people to avoid sending screens with major flaws or shortcomings. Our quality level is always very high, but we can not avoid screens where there can be differences.

We have chosen this mode of production as it gives the most soul in the product. That being said, the lamp should not hang crooked. We accept an imbalance of 3- 5 mm on the screens.

We want to show you how to produce and sort the screens so that the best ones come to our customers. click on the link to the right, to see the production of the screens.

If your new lamp does not live up to your expectations, please contact us and we will replace the lamp. or +45 8877 2727

Information about DybergLarsen

Please find usefull information about our company DybergLarsen and our products in the above menu.

Here you can find the video showing how easy and quick you can assemble your Illumin DIY pendant. The procedure is the same for all styles in the Illumin range.
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