One lamp design - endless interior design possibilities

Inspired by timeless Danish lamp classics, the DL series from DybergLarsen consists of simple lamps with clean lines and its own unique expression. And with both a floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp and pendant, the design works in all rooms of the home - the sky is the limit for using the lamp at home.

With the DL series, DybergLarsen has created a minimalist lamp series that provides a functional and atmospheric lighting in the home. The lamps consist of curved plate-shaped screens in three different sizes mounted on the shiny chrome base. It creates a beautiful light reflection from the matte white interior of the lampshade, perfect for a dark corner, close to the sofa or simply as an element of its own in the home.

The look is classic, which looks amazing together with different styles in interior decoration whether it is classic, modern or minimalistic. Place the lamp in the dining room, bedroom, office, bedroom or entrance. The design works throughout the home with its timeless and sleek classic design.

The series combines softness with sharpness expression with its curved shape and crisp and clean lines that harmonize well with all interior styles, where the need is an iconic element, to light up in a beautiful way.

June 2018

Characteristic pendant in an organic design

Our new pendant, named Boleo, is an artistic pendant. With its enlightening design, Boleo is a simple lamp with a distinctive organic shape.

The inspiration for Boleo comes from harmonious shapes and structures in an artistic aspect. The organic shape is clearly seen in the design of Boleo, which has a very distinctive light structure, where shadow, reflections and shades are thought into the smallest details of the lamp.

Boleo is characterized by its round shape, which gives the lamp a soft light and a harmonious expression. The sculptured rounded lines of the lamp encapsulate the light source, and the central light whirls catch and spread the light in an almost hypnotic manner, where light and shadow harmoniously alternate between each other.

With Boleo we have, together with the Danish designer Frank Kerdil, created a minimalist lamp that provides a functional and atmospheric lighting. So far, Frank Kerdil has designed four design products for DybergLarsen.

May 2018

A lamp inspired by crayons

A simple crayon inspired and kickstarted the design process for the simple expression of the Crayon lamp. Crayon from DybergLarsen has a simple lighting design, and the name is not random, as it has also formed the shape of the lamp.

The pendant gives a breathtaking light when it's on, but also stands out beautifully and retains its calm personality when it's turned off. The bottom edge of Crayon is matt, while the top is glossy, which gives a fantastic contrast and highlights the expression and elegance of the lamp. The result is a minimalist lamp that can work in the kitchen, dining room or in the living room.

Crayon is available in black metal, white metal and white glass and come in four sizes; ø. 13 cm, ø. 18 cm, ø. 30 cm and ø. 45 cm.

April 2018

DL20 - A multifunctional bedside lamp

Multifunctional solutions are seen more and more in the things we bring into our homes. Interior is solution-oriented and is about optimization, consideration and multifunction. With that philosophy in mind, DybergLarsen launches the DL20 bedside lamp.

DybergLarsen has reinvented the classic bedside lamp and shaped it to fit into a modern environment. With the launch of their new DL20 bed lamp, DybergLarsen are presenting a multifunctional lamp that integrates bedside lighting and mobile charger.

The elegant lamp is situated on a white metal shelf, providing a comfortable light without glare. The lamp creates a beautiful light reflection from the light white interior of the lampshades, and can function as a reading lamp or as a dimmed light before bedtime. Behind the shelf of the DL20 is a built-in USB port that allows charging the phone without additional electrical outlets.

The DL20 meets both functionality and simplicity while providing a beautiful and expressive lamp on the wall.

March 2018

New collection

DybergLarsen launches a new collection, delivering innovative thinking, creativity and visual change in 10 new lamp designs. With a mission to create high quality and original designs, DybergLarsen presents a series of table lamps to its impressive collection of lamps.

In the table lamps Moon, Barcelona and Café Paris, inspirational sources are organic shapes and minimalist lines that seduce in an enlightening design. The table lamps are all inspired by design trends for the upcoming seasons.

The table lamps DL20 and London have clear references to original Danish design classics, which are interpreted with focus on good materials and Nordic edge.

The new design from DybergLarsen is timeless and classic but yet with its very own expression. Place them in the livingroom or upgrade your home office - the new lamps from DybergLarsen are ideal additions to the home regardless of their location.

The new collection of lamps are available from April.

February 2018


The new design DL31 from Dyberg Larsen has been inspired by the classic design and simple, pure lines. The DL31 range looks amazing together with different styles in interior decoration and the lamps create a beautiful light.

The DL31 pendant is very classic in the colour black or white and is perfect above the dining table, kitchen table or a small coffee table.

The DL31 table lamp is very classic and beautiful in the colour black or white. The height of the table lamp is perfect for the desk, the shelf or other places in your home, where the need is an iconic element, to light up in a beautiful way.

The DL31 floor lamp is classic and simple in the colour black or white. The floor lamp is perfect for a dark corner in the home, near the couch or simply as an element itself in your home. The floor lamp fits very well into all interior decorations, but is so beautiful it can stand alone.
The new design from Dyberg Larsen is timeless and classic but yet with its very own expression.

Delivered with 1,5 - 3,0 m black textile wire
Design, DybergLarsen

October 2017


The café pendant from DybergLarsen is a harmonic and simple lamp inspired by classic lines and the minimalistic interior decoration. The DL39 pendant has a unique expression with black wire top and ceiling rose as a contrast to the mouthblown opal glass.

The DL39 pendant is suitable for many different locations, if you mount it in a low position it can create a soft and pleasant light in a part of the room. If the pendant is placed in a high position it can light up a smaller room or hallway with the soft and pleasant light in a centered place.

The round and soft form makes the lamp usefull in many rooms around the home and would be nice in both hallway, living room, kitchen or wherever there is a need for a soft but also usefull light.

The DL39 lamp is also very suitable in restaurants and canteens or even in office locations.

Delivered incl. 1,5 m black textile wire and black ceiling rose
Design, DybergLarsen

October 2017

Milano table lamp

The Milano table lamp is a new design from DybergLarsen. The characteristic Milano pendant is now also available as a table lamp. The lamp is made of metal and the entire lamp is powder coated in matt white or matt black.

The trendy and small table lamp looks great together with the Milano pendants in the same room, but the table lamp can also stand alone.

The Milano table lamp spreads a good and pleasant light and with the maximum of 40 W it’s very suitable as work light but also suitable as a decorative extra light in the living room, beside the bed or in the window ledge.

Delivered incl. 2 m textile wire with switch
Design, DybergLarsen

October 2017


Wall it wall bracket is a new design by DybergLarsen. This elegant wall bracket is designed by Frank Kerdil. Wall it is designed for traditional pendants which can get another function as a wall light. Suitable for maximum Dia 35 cm pendant.

This combination is with the Crayon pendant in black Dia 18 cm, a beautiful and dramatic match. The lamp is very suitable in the living room, in the hallway or in the bedroom where the need is a soft and beautiful light.

The wall bracket is delivered incl. screws and silicone pad to keep the wire in place
Design, Frank Kerdil

October 2017


The Torus pendant is a new and exciting design from DybergLarsen.
Our designer Frank Kerdil has designed this beautiful lamp. The inspiration comes from the old well-known round geometrical shape Torus, maybe better known as a doughnut. In this pendant, the center of rotation holds the light bulb and the result is a new beautiful lamp with a unique light.

The old technique to produce decoration in paper – cotillion (novelty) – has also been an inspiration to this pendant. The lamp is weaved and assembled in our own production in Denmark. We are proud that yet again we can introduce a “Made in Denmark” product.

Torus (diameter 40 cm) is weaved in white Polypropylene (PP) and with matt brass, white or chrome top.

Delivered with 3 m white textile wire.
Design, Frank Kerdil.

February 2017


The new Rosetta® ceiling rose sums up perfectly the philosophy for DybergLarsen and the way we design our new products. We wished to supply a ceiling rose with our pendants, but not just a standard one and so the Rosetta® ceiling rose was created. Our research revealed that none of the ceiling roses in the market solved the problem regarding a sloping ceiling, so we researched different methods to mount the ceiling rose on a sloping wall or ceiling and still allow the cable to hang vertically.

The result is our Rosetta ® adjustable ceiling rose, which with a little twist can slide along the cable to fit angles from 0 to 45 degrees.

Rosetta® ceiling rose can be mounted without tools, the cable goes through the silicone part and is ready to be mounted on the ceiling or on a sloping wall up to 45 degrees. Simple and easy to mount and with a clean finish towards the ceiling.

Can be mounted from 3 mm to 6 mm textile wire.
The material is ABS plastic and the measurements of the Rosetta® is H 4.5 cm, Ø 10 cm
6 pcs. Delivered in a black box.
Design Frank Kerdil.

August 2017


Japanese inspired pendant curated by Anette Eckmann

HAIPOT is designed by the Danish designer Frank Kerdil and the colour scheme has been developed in collaboration with stylist Anette Eckmann who has been inspired by the Japanese universe, which right now is one of the most peaking trends.

The new autumn colours Red Dusty Earth, Back Burn Smoke and Blue Mountain have been inspired by the colours of Australia which refers to the red colours of the desert; Backfire which is a technique in controlled forest fire and the amazing Blue Mountains in Sydney.

HAIPOT is now available in ten charismatic colours
and with the naive expression HAIPOT also has many Pantone design references.

HAIPOT is produced in strong aluminum and hand blown opal glass with a porcelain bulb socket which emphasizes the quality of the lamp. This small lamp works well as a single lamp but is also great for grouping – over the kitchen or dining table and other similar locations where the home may need great design and bright lighting.

HAIPOT (diameter 23 cm) is delivered with 3-metre textile wire and ceiling rose in matching colour.
Design, Frank Kerdil.

August 2016


The Illumin range by DybergLarsen is a unique self-assembly concept where, in a few minutes, you can assemble one of our 20 exciting designs available in the collection. The Lamp is beautiful and produces a pleasurable light and there is a design for everyone’s taste.

Illumin is a unique and beautiful pendant above the coffee table or dining table. The lamp is very suitable for rooms with a high ceiling, it will fill out the room and shed a pleasing light.
The Lamp is produced in Denmark and all you need is in the box, easy to bring home or ship anywhere.

New version
The latest addition in the range is Philo – inspired by the plant Philodendron. 45cm in diameter
The material is 3mm PC and 0,5-0,8 mm components in PP. Assembly guide is available on

Delivered incl. 3 m white textile wire and Rosetta ceiling rose
Design, Frank Kerdil.

August 2016

PineApple – 2. Version

Made in Denmark
The PineApple pendant is designed, produced and assembled in Denmark. We are proud that all pendants in the PineApple range is Made in Denmark.

PineApple is one of the original lamps since Dyberg Larsen's beginnings 6 years ago and will be upgraded to a 2. Version. The timeless and classic lamp which reflects the light in the beautiful distortions of the PineApple components now becomes even more exclusive. The upgrade includes the Medium, Small and XS range.

The new upgrades to Medium and Small pendants are:
  • Supplied with aluminum tube to cover the top and add a more exclusive look
  • Anti-static cleaning cloth will be added
  • Rosetta® ceiling rose to ensure a beautiful finish towards the ceiling

XS pendant is delivered incl. 3 m clear PVC wire and aluminium tube to cover the top
S and M pendant is delivered incl. 3 m white textile wire, aluminium tube to cover the top, antistatic cleaning cloth and Rosetta ceiling rose
Design, Frank Kerdil

Upgraded August 2016
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