Illumin Components

Have you purchased an Illumin pendant and would like to change the colour or simply want to refresh your pendant? You can purchase a full set 40 new components and easily change the leaves on your existing pendant. Choose from any of our styles to completely change the look of your lamp.

Choose size/color
Copper Look 35 cmEUR 53.00
Copper Look 45 cmEUR 53.00
Alu Look 35 cnEUR 53.00
Alu Look 45 cmEUR 53.00
Black 35 cmEUR 53.00
Black 45 cmEUR 53.00
White Square 45 cmEUR 53.00
Stormy Weather 35 cmEUR 53.00
Stormy Weather 45 cmEUR 53.00
Gold Look 45 cmEUR 53.00
Red Dusty Earth 45 cmEUR 53.00
Blue Mountain 45 cmEUR 53.00
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