Milano Pendant

Colour Black
Milano is a stylish metal pendant doing it's duty - bringing flair to your room. Whether it's on it's own or several in a row or even in a group. The pendant is very easy to mount, the hidden support makes it very simple. This model in black is beautiful with the simple and minimalistic expression.

Choose size
14x14x14 cmEUR 66.98
19x19x19 cmEUR 80.00
30x30x30 cmEUR 93.75


PineApple Medium pendant black-2
PineApple Medium Pendant Black
EUR 202.00
PineApple Medium Pendant Copper Look
PineApple Medium Pendant
EUR 200.00
illumin gold look
Illumin Gold Look
EUR 110.00
Torus Pendant
EUR 199.00
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