PineApple Medium Pendant

Colour Gold Look
PineApple Medium is one of the original lamps since Dyberg Larsen's beginning 5 years ago, we call it the queen. Medium is a 45cm classic pendant over the dining table. The gold look gives the lamp a classic, exclusive and timeless look. The pendant is beautiful weather the light is turned on or not. The lamp adds an artistic expression to the room.

Choose size
40x45x45 cmEUR 200.00


Crayon White pendant
EUR 93.00
Illumin Peanut
Illumin Peanut
EUR 110.00
Haipot Pendant Yuzu Yellow
Haipot pendant
EUR 133.00
PineApple XS pendant G9 white
PineApple XS G9 Pendant
EUR 94.00
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