DL31 Opal Floor lamp glass

DL31 Opal Floor lamp glass

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Model/Product no.: 7070
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This floor lamp will bring charm and style to your house. Whether it's next to your favorite armchair to illuminate your evening reading. In the corner to bring cozy lighting to the living room or something completely els. This is just the lamp for you.

DL 31 Opal. A new member of DL Series. 

This series of lamps have that I common, that they are design with the 3 round “plait like” shades, that gives them a classic but simple look for the minimalist way of life. 

But now comes with a twist. The new lampshade a made of opal glass. All our lampshades in glass are mouth-blown. That give every lamp its own unique expression and charm. 

The new lamp edition consists of a floor lamp, a table lamp and a pendant. So, you house is still covert by purchasing this series.