DL20 Solar spear

DL20 Solar spear

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Solar Bed lamp






1. This product is only to be used outdoor and is designed with a decorative purpose.

2. The lamp and solar panel are water resistant, but do not immerse the lamp in water or other liquids.

3. Do not look directly into the light source when the lamp is on.

4. The light source cannot be replaced. Do not attempt to replace them.

5. Do not attempt to charge the battery with a battery charger connected to the power net, or attempt to connect the product directly to the power net.

6. The solar lamp uses rechargeable batteries. The battery can be replaced - see the instructions.

7. Although the battery comes fully charged from the factory, it may be slightly discharged when you receive the lamp. Therefore, set the lamp to "ON" and let it charge for 24 hours to achieve full charge.

This can be done in two ways:

a. Set the lamp to "ON" and illuminate the solar panel with electric light for 24 hours. The stronger the lumen of the electric light, the better.


b. Set the lamp to "ON" and place the lamp where there is unobstructed access to daylight. When daylight disappears after x number of hours, set the lamp to "OFF"

The day / days after, the same exercise is done until the lamp has been charged for a total of 24 hours and is fully charged.

8. Then leave the lamp on “ON” after the 24 hours for the lamp to work. The lamp is designed to light up when it gets dark. If there are a strong light sources nearby, it may cause the lamp to glow dimly or not turn on at all.

9. The solar cell lamp will light up as long as the batteries are charged. It then switches off automatically and switches back on again when the battery is charged and it goes dark again.

Expected light duration, summer: 6-8 hours

Expected light duration, winter: 1-4 hours

Full charge: 6-8 hours

10. Choose an outdoor location with access to direct sunlight. It is best to position the lamp away from any shadows as this reduces the charging of the battery and duration of light from the lamp. Cloudy weather will reduce the charging of the battery as well.

11. Keep the solar panel surface clean. Dirt on the panel reduces the charging of the battery. Use a soft cloth to clean the lamp. Do not use alkaline cleaners when cleaning.


Contains: Complete lamp (incl. Light source and battery)

IP44, for outdoor use only


Rechargeable Li-ion battery

1 x 18650 1800mAh, 3.7V

Fixed capacity: 1800mAh

Max. charging voltage: 5V

Date: 28-05-2020



Do not disassemble, damage or expose the battery to open flames.

Do not use the battery if it has any visible damage in any way.

Do not expose the battery to high temperatures.

Do not use the battery if it is wet.