About us

Dyberg Larsen is a Danish lighting company, founded in 2016 by Thomas Dyberg-Larsen.

We design a wide variety of lamps for indoor and outdoor use. We focus on contemporary trends and we design lamps in the classic Scandinavian style to create ambience in your home. We have a wide variety of of lamps that have been designed for use in Danish and international homes. Our products are offered at affordable and reasonable prices without compromising quality.


Dyberg Larsen respects the environment and considers the products journey from the manufacturer and all the way home to the consumer. Our packaging is being optimized throughout in order to help protecting the environment as much as possible.


Dyberg Larsen’s products are available throughout Denmark, online, in chain stores and DIY stores. In Europe you will find us on the best online shops. Dyberg Larsen is also available on the Dyberg Larsen online shop.