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Outdoor lamps 

Outdoor lamps are essential as they contribute to create the first impression of the home. Outdoor lighting is not only beautifying, but outdoor lamps create a sense of safety, as to when you come home late in the evening from work, school or from running other errands.

Which kind of outdoor lamps can you find at Dyberg Larsen?

At Dyberg Larsen you will find a large selection of outdoor lamps, path lamps and outdoor lamps with solar cells. Furthermore, there are path lamps, wall lamps, rechargeable lamps, and lamps on a spear to stick into the ground. The lamps are categorized according to design, and you will find these lamps under the following categories: Circle, DL outdoor lamps, Hadsten, Jupiter, Lucca lanterns, Læsø, Mars, Neptun, Ribe, Solar cell lamps, Stege, Valencia and Venus.

All the lamps come to an affordable prize and there are designs for each home and need.

What is a solar cell lamp?

A solar cell lamp is a lamp that derives its energy alone from solar power and it does not need to be connected to a plug. You can therefor place it wherever you prefer, for instance at the driveway, beside the beds or at the plant pots.

What are the advantages of buying a solar cell lamp?

When you chose an outdoor lamp with solar cells, you will not need to worry about extra electricity bills, as the solar cell lamps solely use solar power. Moreover, you don´t need to use wires and you can place them in remote corners of the garden.