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Rechargeable lamps 

Rechargeable lamps are quite popular and have gradually become the indication of a modern table lamp, which we at Dyberg Larsen fully understand. The lamps are not only stunning, they are also most practical and creates an open space for the light that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They come both as table lamps without a wire and as LED lanterns for indoor and outdoor use. 

Where can I buy a rechargeable lamp? 

At Dyberg Larsen you will find a large selection of rechargeable lamps that will fit into any style preference. The lamps are under the category “rechargeable lamps” or under the category of these lamp designs: Valencia, Lucca lanterns, Roma, Stockholm and Haipot.

How do you use a rechargeable lamp? H2

A rechargeable LED table lamp can be used on multiple occasions and in many spaces. It will be perfect for a dark corner in the home without a reachable plug or if you need to light up the terrasse on a warm summer night. The possibilities are endless, and the rechargeable lamps can all be adjusted in brightness and thereby you have opportunity to create just the right atmosphere for the occasion.

Rechargeable LED table lamps

The rechargeable LED table lamps are lamps that are of great use for both children and adults. Due to their multiple features, they can be used on cosey evenings in the garden, to create an atmosphere indoors or for children’s playtime. The rechargeable lamps are perfect for lighting up a home-build cave or fort. Only your imagination sets the limits.