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The Haipot range includes pendant and table lamps created by Danish designer Frank Kerdil, who has managed to produce the perfect balance between a retro and modern expression with this lamp design.



Designer Frank Kerdil


Since graduating, Frank Kerdil has utilised all his creative skills in several areas.

This includes creative concept and strategy solutions, to working with graphic design,

interior and product design.

For this work, he has received many awards at home and abroad, and several of his designs

are sold from famous museums such as the Museum of Modern Art.

Frank Kerdil is also a widely used designer.

These include his design of the Mondrian vase and the Flexline vase, among others.

The motto of his work is,

“When more of the same is not enough.”

This means there needs to be a reason to create a new design.

Be it the form, function, choice of materials, production method or similar.

He doesn't accept that what was good yesterday is also good today, just because continuity must not be broken.



HAIPOT Pendant & Table Lamp

The Haipot pendants have been joined by a table lamp as a natural extension of the product range. 

The image of Frank Kerdil's sketchbook shows how he works with different lines that gradually take shape. Notice, among other things, that the expression of the pendant's shape with the soft arc as a shade is the same as that seen on the base of the table lamp. The soft shape provides a cohesive look. The basis behind the design are thoughts regarding the types of light that will work well and, not least, be right for the different rooms in the home. 

The Haipot lighting collection comes in bold colours and creates a modern room theme. The range includes safe, yet stylish, and more vibrant shades that create an eye-catching experience.

The open shade means the light beautifully illuminates the colour of the lamp base. In daylight, the entire lamp is seen in colour and when darkness falls, it is the colour of the base that is illuminated, and the shade finds its place in the shadows - a beautiful sight!

Light up your home - with a colourful Haipot pendant or table lamp. Beautifully and simply crafted colourful lights that add a touch of class to any room.



Style your home with Haipot Table Lamps and Pendants


Today's interior design trends are strongly in favour of using lamps as both an interior feature and a light source at the same time. With the bold colour scales of the HAIPOT range, these blend in beautifully with the many material types found on furniture and tables.  A growing theme both today and in the future.

Today's light-coloured materials in furniture are the primary basis for the style of the home, where interior design and lighting can create a unique dynamic contrast and harmony by adding them.



HAIPOT A Universe of Danish Design & Colours


Warm colours such as orange, yellow and red are all colours that create balance and can be used in living rooms, bedrooms and anywhere else where a dark corner will be enhanced by placing a table lamp on a corner table, pedestal or a northwest-facing window sill. They are also effective in a narrow room where the end wall may have one or two pendants hanging down. The vibrant colours will bring a greater harmony to the room by using colours in this way.

Light colours such as white and pink bring elements of calm, thoughtfulness, simplicity and sophistication into the home. Use HAIPOT table lamps or pendants to achieve these moods in your living spaces. Also divide up a room where you want to create a play of colour from the lighter, more neutral colours to the more vibrant colours.

The blue colour of the HAIPOT table lamp creates an element of comfort, order and stability. Use the table lamp in the home where you want to elevate the colours of the room's furniture and carpets towards these meanings from the colour blue. This could be at a desk or in a room where furniture is used in many shades of gold.

Implementing livelier colours in the home creates a cohesive feel. The HAIPOT lamp series offers many possibilities. In addition to its curved shapes and minimalist, yet insistent, expression, it adds an element of the present as the Danish design classic it was created to be.





The table lamps are available in 2 versions: LED Table lamp rechargeable and in a 230V/corded version.

Haipot Portable Table Lamp:

The Haipot LED table lamp is portable and can easily be placed on a garden table or used around the home. It offers plenty of options for creating the right lighting and atmosphere with its three light levels and eye-catching design. Haipot table lamp with rechargeable function has touch on/off and is adjustable in three brightness levels and shines for a minimum of eight hours on the lowest setting.

Colour options: White, black, orange, pink and blue.


Haipot 230V With Cord:

Colour options: White, black, orange, pink and curry.

It comes with a fabric cord and the switch is located on the cord.


HAIPOT Pendant

HAI means "yes" in Japanese and with its simple yet insistent expression, it's hard to say "no" to the HAIPOT lamp design.
The HAIPOT pendant was designed by Danish Frank Kerdil and coloured in collaboration with stylist Anette Eckmann, who was inspired by the Japanese universe and the beautiful colours of Australia.

The HAIPOT pendant lamp is made of strong aluminium and opal glass with a porcelain socket that emphasises the lamp's quality DNA. 
The small lamp can be used on its own, but is also suitable for hanging in a group - over the kitchen table, dining table and anywhere else in the home that needs designer lighting as a focal point.




Dyberg Larsen is a Danish lighting brand, founded in 2016 by Thomas Dyberg-Larsen. We design and manufacture a wide range of lighting for both indoor and outdoor use. We maintain a constant focus on current trends and develop lamps for both classic and Nordic interiors and for rooms that dare to go that little bit further. Our products are sold at favourable prices, without compromising on quality and they are sold in several physical shops, as well as leading online shops in Denmark and the rest of Europe.