2-pack DL20 outdoor wall light Special Offer 124

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The DL20 outdoor wall light gives you the perfect lighting around your house. In line with Dyberg Larsen's DL series, the DL20 outdoor wall light has the iconic lampshades in 3 different sizes that provide a magical light.

With this light, you can continue your interior lighting style all the way out to your driveway. The lamp is available in the color Matte Black, which suits many homes, both new builds and older homes. 

The lamp measures 20 cm in diameter. If you want this lamp design in a larger size, it is also available with a diameter of 30 cm. Complete your outdoor lighting with the matching bedside lamps that will beautifully illuminate your garden.

Not suitable for seaside use.

2-pack DL20 outdoor wall light Special Offer 124
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DL20 outdoor wall lamp

DL20 outdoor wall lamp

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